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ISSN : 1975-6291(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3961(Online)
Journal of Korea Robotics Society Vol.1 No.1 pp.89-101

유연한 구동기를 이용한 착용 가능한 촉각 제시 장치 개발

구익모¹, 박종길¹, 구자춘¹, 이영관², 남재도³, 최혁렬⁴

Wearable Tactile Display Based on Soft Actuator

Choi⁴ Hyouk Ryeol, Ig Mo Koo¹, Kwang Mok Jung¹, Jong Kil Park¹, Ja Choon Koo¹ , Young Kwan Lee², Jae Do Nam³,


Tactile sensation is one of the most important sensory functions for human perception of objects. Recently, there have been many technical challenges in the field of tactile display as well as tactile sensing. In this paper, we propose an innovative tactile display device based on soft actuator technology with ElectroActive Polymer(EAP). This device offers advantageous features over existing devices with respect to intrinsic flexibility, softness, ease of fabrication and miniaturization, high power density, and cost effectiveness. In particular, it can be adapted to various geometric configurations because it possesses structural flexibility, so it can be worn on any part of the human body such as finger, palm, and arm etc. It can be extensively applied as a wearable tactile display, a Braille device for the visually disabled, and a human interface in the future. A new design of the flexible actuator is proposed and its basic operational principles are discussed. In addition, a wearable tactile display device with 4x5 actuator array(20 actuator cells) is developed and its effectiveness is confirmed


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