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ISSN : 1975-6291(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3961(Online)
Journal of Korea Robotics Society Vol.1 No.1 pp.81-88

위치/힘 제어가 가능한 유성기어 기반의 더블 액츄에이터 유닛

김병상¹, 박정준¹, 송재복¹ 김홍석²
고려대학교, 한국생산기술연구원

Double Actuator Unit based on the Planetary Gear Train Capable of Position/Force Control

Hong-Seok Kim ², Kim Byeong-Sang¹, Park Jung-Jun¹, Song Jae-Bok¹,


Control of a robot manipulator in contact with the environment is usually conducted by the direct feedback control using a force-torque sensor or the indirect impedance control. In these methods, however, the control algorithms become complicated and the performance of position and force control cannot be improved because of the mechanical properties of the passive components. To cope with such problems, redundant actuation has been used to enhance the performance of position control and force control. In this research, a Double Actuator Unit (DAU) is proposed, with which the force control algorithm can be simplified and can make the robot ensure the safety during the external collision. The DAU is composed of two actuators; one controls the position and the other modulates the joint stiffness. Using this unit, it is possible to independently control the position and stiffness. The DAU based on the planetary gears is investigated in this paper. Performance using the DAU is also verified by various experiments. It is shown that the manipulator using this mechanism provides better safety during the impact with the environment by reducing the joint stiffness appropriately on detecting the collision of a manipulator.


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