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ISSN : 1975-6291(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3961(Online)
Journal of Korea Robotics Society Vol.3 No.4 pp.323-330

스프링 구조를 이용한 4자유도 연속체 로봇의 개발

윤 현 수1, 이 병 주2
1한양대학교 전자전기제어계측과 석사과정, 2한양대학교 전자전기제어계측과 교수

Development of a 4-DOF Continuum Robot Using a Spring Backbone

Hyun-Soo1 Yoon, Yi Byung-Ju2


This work deals with a 4-DOF flexible continuum robot that employs a spring as itsbackbone. The mechanism consists of two modules and each module has 2 DOF. The special features ofthe proposed mechanism are the flexibility and the backdrivability of the whole body by using a springbackbone. Thus, even in the case of collision with human body, this device can ensure safety. Thedesign and the kinematics for this continuum mechanism are introduced. The performance of thiscontinuum mechanism was shown through simulation and experiment.


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